Eastern Bhutan welcomes travelers into a world of unexplored trekking, historical and cultural escapades, great scenery, textiles highlights and natural wonders. The districts f Mongar, Lhuntse, Tashi Yangtse, Tashigang and Samdrup Jongkhar include the eastern circuits. Of culture we offer you lots of spiritual festivals that include some of the rare animist rituals and Bon practices. Explore the hub of the country’s unexplored destination. For the first few years, this unique destination is offered to adventure spirited tourists. Only those who like to experience the Spartan accommodation and tented or farmhouse stays, will enjoy these least visited regions.

Here are some of the Attractions and Festivals in Eastern Bhutan

Trashigang: The Jewel of the East.

Trashiyangtse: The land of spiritual awakening

Samdrup Jongkhar: Gateway to Eastern Bhutan

Mongar: The Bastion of the Zhongarps


Lhuentse: The Ancestral Home of the Kings