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Dewa Rabsel Adventure is a tour and trekking company based in Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu. Literally, the name “Dewa” mean “Happiness” and “Rabsel” means “Crystal Clear”. The idea is to provide our clientele the best that the Kingdom has to offer.

The company was established to provide a glimpse of this Himalayan Kingdom – known as the Land of Happiness – to the outsiders who are increasingly curious about its ancient cultural mores, traditions, spectacular environment and a lifestyle that balances spirituality with material progress.

Apart from the Kingdom’s intrinsic attractions, Dewa Rabsel believes that the travelers to Bhutan must receive what they seek: a memorable trip handled with professionalism and experience garnered over many years.

Bhutan has established itself as a distinct island where the society, the culture, the economy, polity and the environment are truly maintaining a most harmonious relationship. A mountainous country like Bhutan that consciously preserves its pristine natural and cultural heritage needs tourism that harmonizes and sustains the environment and acts synergistically to protect, preserve and conserve both nature and culture. Guided by this premise, Dewa Rabsel Adventure   is a well-established travel company offering tourism services promoting the principle of "quality, responsible and sustainable tourism" through reliable, personalized and professional services to all its esteemed clientele.  Dewa Rabsel Adventure primary concern is to provide a memorable "Bhutan experience" with the help of its well-trained and highly professional team of experienced staff and its access to quality facilities. Its portfolio includes organizing inbound tours covering cultural tours, trekking and special interest tours; management of deluxe lodges and an excellent transport fleet. With Dewa Rabsel Adventure, this unique experience in Bhutan will become one in a lifetime.


 Tashi Delek.



Dewa Rabsel Adventure also provides the ticketing services as and when required. For detail, please mail at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dewa Rabsel Adventure

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